Glass vases

Glass vases are much loved by home decor enthusiasts because they are ideal for decorating your interior spaces.

The glass vases, in fact, give a minimal but refined style to your home.

They are the perfect solution to place both fake flowers and a beautiful bouquet of real flowers to place as a table centerpiece or to decorate a dresser.

In the Manigi online shop you can find glass vases of any shape, size and color.

Discover for example the colored glass vases to give a lively touch to your room.

Tall glass vases or large glass vases to place floral arrangements to embellish the entrance to your home.

Also discover the square glass vases that are also perfect for inserting succulents inside.

Manigi is the right place for you where you can find the glass vase that best suits your needs including the beautiful decorated glass vases.

Discover the collection of glass vases proposed by Manigi and buy them online at a discounted price!

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