Resin pots

In this section you will find the resin pots that Manigi has selected for you to offer you the best related to the outdoor world.

Resin outdoor pots are increasingly used as an ornamental element for gardening.

They are, in fact, particularly appreciated for their lightness and elegance that allows them to be inserted in modern and elegant contexts.

To make your garden a refined place with a timeless elegance, don't miss the white resin pots, perfect for creating color contrasts with the greenery of your garden.

In addition to many resin vases, Manigi offers resin planters ideal for decorating your balconies with spring flowers.

Buy modern resin vases online on Manigi and discover the offers!

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  1. Vaso in resina Sfera Bali effetto corda
    As low as €40.50
  2. Vaso in resina Campana Bali effetto corda
    As low as €48.75
  3. Vaso pensile in resina bombato Shabby
    As low as €13.99
  4. Wall vase in resin Model Salerno
    Wall vase in resin Model Salerno
    Special Price €13.78 Regular Price €18.37
  5. Cassette vase in Lombardy resin
    As low as €99.44
  6. Cassette vase in resin Val D’Aosta
    As low as €154.83
  7. Cassette vase in Lazio resin
    As low as €115.46
  8. Campana vase with wide band in Porto Rosa resin
    As low as €28.52
  9. Bell vase in Tropea resin - Vasar By Telcom line
    As low as €17.03
  10. Cassette vase in Matelica resin
    As low as €120.07
  11. Conical vase with resin band Chieti - Vasar By Telcom line
    As low as €55.10
  12. Monastir resin vase
    As low as €39.80
  13. Shamrock vase in Tremiti resin
    As low as €16.81
  14. Smooth cube vase in Viareggio resin
    As low as €43.94
  15. Square saucer with resin riser
    As low as €13.90
  16. Murge oval cassette vase in resin
    As low as €17.70
  17. Montieri vase in resin
    As low as €72.61
  18. Ivrea angular cistern in resin
    As low as €93.89
  19. Smooth rounded box vase in resin Ravenna - Vasar
    As low as €53.58
  20. Square Resin Decorated Vase Mod. RESIA Vasar Line By Telcom
    As low as €38.25
  21. Sack-shaped Resin Vase Mod. SACCO Vasar Line By Telcom
    As low as €16.40
  22. Balconetta vase for railing Mod. RAIL - Vasar
    As low as €27.41
  23. Round vase in resin Cylinder Ardesia Telcom Vasar
    As low as €15.86
  24. Shabby Vasar Conchino Rigato Vase
    As low as €15.19